Changes in Discretion Practices

Updated: Apr 18

This website is hosted by a company (wix) that does not allow the advertisement of meets, so I can't mention it in the emails that I send out, and technically, not on my webpages, either. The newsletters are proofread for content, so I have to be more careful there than here, but it feels a little like the walls are caving in.

OnlyFans is now my main source of income, covering all my basic needs, but they prohibit people who offer "meets" and "fuck a fan" contests, so I can no longer advertise those, or anything near it.

and we are all supposed to be social distancing anyway, so for the time being, if you'd like to meet, you'll have to handle it with a lot more tact than in the past.


Jess Jordan

200 University Blvd Suite 225-217

Round Rock TX 78665