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Trying something new

Changes to Rates and Screening

For a long time I kept my rates higher than average for the area because I wanted to see fewer people, and I screened heavily because I wanted the process to make me feel better, rather than like I would miss something if I wasn't totally thorough.

I had my reasons for wanting things to be a certain way, and it was always meant to be temporary, but I needed more time than I originally thought, and then the pandemic hit and things changed a little, I saw an even smaller number of people in order to do my part to slow the spread.

That worked for me, for a while.. I stayed home, only went out for groceries every few weeks, I played with onlyfans, picked up some new hobbies, rearranged all my furniture, painted some of it. Saw a small number of people, few and far between.

But I'm gonna tell y'all... I'm fucking bored.

So to breathe new excitement into my life, I'm opening up my books.

I will not be doing incalls, just yet.

You are welcome to pay for a hotel room if you can't host me in your home.

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