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FAQ: Incalls in Austin

These remarks pertain to Austin only. If I am on tour, it is safe to assume I am offering Hotel Incalls.

"can I book you for an incall this evening?"

No. I do not maintain an incall space in Austin, my rates are clearly marked Outcall only.

"when will you have an incall available?"

At some point next year (2021) I may start offering incalls, primarily for massage.

The location I have in mind will not be central austin at all.

"Why don't you offer Incalls in Austin, don't you live here?"

I live about an hour and a half away from downtown, so no, I don't live in Austin.

"but I saw Incall rates on your site a few weeks ago??"

I rented a place in the domain for the weekend. If you didn't book me then, you missed out because I do not do that often.

"but your ad says _____"

I'm on like 16 different ad sites, and I'm sure each of those gets scraped by scraper sites and posted without my knowledge or consent. I do my best to update all of my ads weekly, but they're never going to be 100% correct.

My website is always going to be the most recently updated and have the most accurate information.

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