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FAQ: GFE, Non-GFE, and PSE

& other acronyms.

First and foremost, I do not kiss with tongue at all, I do not like it, I am a great kisser without, stop trying to force it by saying you're good at it.


I do not participate in uncovered services of any kind. This is not what GFE or PSE means.

Treating me well is far more likely to get you what you want...

This is the only information I will share on this subject, chemistry is different for everyone, and so is hygiene. Sharing even this much puts me at higher risk for being arrested, so stop pushing for me to elaborate on which specific services I provide.


The Girlfriend Experience, we chat and get to know each other, we tease each other on the sofa, talk about our interests. We shower together and get real comfortable, things progress naturally giving us time to cultivate a relationship and get a feel for chemistry, I don't rush, neither should you.

I prefer to have plenty of time, so I like to start these dates at two hours, that's why the second hour is so much less than the first hour.

This experience does not include any type of extras.


Porn Star Experience has been listed on my site in a few variations over the years, but it seems everyone thinks they get to decide what it means,

I will put PSE back on when I figure out why y'all think this means bb, when y'all don't ever get tested the way porn performers do.


This experience also does not include any type of extras.


I'm not your girlfriend, we don't chat, we don't get to know each other.

I get in, stay for the time booked, then I get out, and we both get on with our lives.

Who has time for all that anyway?


Full Body Sensual Massage is great, it's a sensual, loving experience where I only use my hands. When I return to offering incalls, this will return as one of my offerings.


Greek is always available but costs extra and requires advance notice if you want a guaranteed good time at it. I suggest letting me know after screening and offering to pay a deposit.

On Reviews:

I do not have accounts on the boards and I am not review friendly.

I live in the moment and have different experiences with everyone, and I find that people who rely on reviews expect to receive the same treatment as someone who fluffed the tale to fit his own fantasy or need for clout on the boards. I don't enjoy when people come to me with a checklist of things they require to be satisfied, it never goes well.

Either you want to experience time with me, or you don't. The choice is yours.

I am a person, and I expect to be treated like one.

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