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Scam, or Good Business?

A lot of sites have warnings against deposits now, which I find a little ironic since I'm more likely to be scammed by a fake client or no-call-no-show than you are by a fake companion.

the warning will say something like,

"Warning!!!! If anyone ask you to deposit upfront money by Gift Card, Cash app, Venmo, Zelle app, bitcoin or by any other way. Don’t make any deposit. They can be scammers. They will take your money and will never respond your messages.... Try to stay away from such scammers."

They include this because there are scammers out there, and it's not their fault if someone is too ignorant to spot the difference between a scam and someone with good business sense and boundaries.

I spend around $300 per month on my website, advertisements, photos, etc, to make sure I'm reaching enough people and to verify that I am legitimate. I maintain a presence on social media and on niteflirt and onlyfans.

I am not a scammer, and if I was, I certainly would not show my face or tattoos, and I wouldn't maintain a brand only to tarnish it by stealing $20-$100 dollars at a time when I can make more by showing up for appointments.

I don't require deposits in most cases, but I will ask for them any time I feel someone is wasting my time, or if I feel there's potential for me to get stuck taking a loss on a booking.

Some people will say that getting stood up is a cost of doing business, but those people have never worked in the industry that I do.

I charge for my time, if you can't pay a deposit to let me know you intend to show up for a date when we've planned one, then I'm not going to take you seriously.

I do not mind driving long distances for clients, but my willingness to do so has left me looking foolish in the past.

Travel costs money and time, hotels cost money, having someone reserve time they do not intend to show up for costs time, and money if someone else tried to book that time but couldn't.

Deposits are how you let me know you intend to show up and not waste my time.

I have NEVER kept a deposit for an appointment I cancelled because I have never cancelled an appointment on someone who paid a deposit and if I did I would return the deposit.

If you've been "scammed" before, that is not my fault, and not my problem. I'm not responsible for the actions of others and I'm not responsible for how gullible you are capable of being when you're thinking with the little head.

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