this is merely an announcement that I am very temporarily bald everywhere but my head.

My body hair grows really quick so it'll be back in a few weeks and then that's it, this was a one time thing.

xoxo JJ

Note: I am not allowed to discuss any type of meeting when I send newsletters, they censor me and refuse to send out my communications, please make it a habit to check my blog for info.

Let's get back to things!

I'm offering a limited number of $500, 90 min outcalls while I get things going again.

[ Austin area only for now, I will begin offering outcalls at this rate as far as Waco and San Antonio soon, but I will be requiring deposits for those appointments. ]

Other than that, my rates are listed on my site!

When you email me, please include your screening info, where you want to meet, and when, I don't wanna play 20 questions when you know I'm gonna need all that info anyway. Thanks babe.

Incalls are not possible right now,

hotels are requiring more info than usual to check in, if you can't, neither can I.


if you would like for me to come to your area, you will need to submit screening, make a plan for me to visit and pay a deposit.

Asking me if/when I will be in your area will not lead to a booking.

I do statewide outcalls, I only travel with deposits. If I happen to be in your area, it's because I'm already booked by someone else.

Are you willing to wait for someone else to be the reason you get the opportunity to meet me, or would you rather take initiative to arrange it on your own?


One of the reasons I am moving to a new host for my website and newsletter is in-site censorship, which I'm sure will apply to the blog soon.

I keep triggering keyword bans that don't allow me to send my newsletters out even when I'm not really saying anything. Newsletters will be quite empty and vague going forward, and link to the blog.

I found out recently that if you're not opening my emails or clicking in them regularly that my newsletters may not even be sent to you :( so I will be exporting my contact list, please make sure you are on it if you want to be, or that you ask me directly to be removed if you don't. (the automated unsubscribe button doesn't always work, sorry)


wanna see it? I'm not quite ready to make the switch but here's the link


I will only discuss this privately, as I have decided to separate my online personality from my date personality. My online personality is exaggerated and has the freedom to participate in fantasy role plays that I would never allow in person.

I'd heard of this happening, but no one had ever told me it was an issue with my email address-

but apparently some emails addressed to me bounce back saying that my address isn't valid.

If this has ever happened I'm so sorry! I am reintegrating the phone back into my booking process, so if you let me know that you tried emailing me via text, we can get straight back to business. the number you need is 512-595-7247, there is a bot that will auto reply to you, but I can switch it off while we chat.

Jess Jordan