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I'd heard of this happening, but no one had ever told me it was an issue with my email address-

but apparently some emails addressed to me bounce back saying that my address isn't valid.

If this has ever happened I'm so sorry! I am reintegrating the phone back into my booking process, so if you let me know that you tried emailing me via text, we can get straight back to business. the number you need is 512-595-7247, there is a bot that will auto reply to you, but I can switch it off while we chat.

If you want to meet up at a SXSW event, you're in luck! I have a Platinum Pass so I can get in anywhere... I'm also on almost every guest list.

I'm starting to put together my schedule because there are a lot of workshops I want to attend and so on, but I will still be available to do downtown outcalls every day, March 13 - 22 from noon to midnight, and I will have some incall availability as needed.

I will update this to include more details later.

Updated: Mar 4

Ok I have a few things to update y'all on, but quickly.

First of all, I hope y'all are checking these periodically, I can speak freely in my blog because my web host doesn't read my blog for quality assurance as they do my newsletters, and if I say too much in my newsletters they take away my ability to send them.

I do have an Austin incall available now,

near the Arboretum. I have a Domain location pending and will start looking for something downtown in a few months. These locations are not exclusively mine and I have to book the space in advance, they are shared among providers.

My rates in Austin will be fluctuating all spring until I get to a point where I am receiving the volume of cash I desire, this may mean specials, or rate increases. If you see a rate or offering you like pop up, book it, I may grandfather you in at that rate if I choose to raise it an you choose to keep seeing me. I am also testing out a system where I offer a Standard Session and a Deluxe Session, but I can't elaborate more than that due to obvious reasons.


SXSW is a very busy time for me, you may even see me around town! You can come talk to me if you see me in public!! Please introduce yourself much like you would if you emailed me, your name, how long you followed me, give me your business card, offer to pay for my food or drink, etc.

Please do not message me anonymously online to tell me you've seen me, as someone with experience with stalkers, it freaks me out.

I've had to postpone my Midland tour for the first week of March,

I have not yet chosen my next dates.

Skip the Games banned me for three reasons and then made me jump through hoops and guess what they were in order to allow me to put my ads back up, which effectively took away 3 weeks of critical advertising before my tour, meaning I don't have my preferred number of prebooked clients and screening people for same day appointments is usually unnecessarily complicated so I can't rely on that to make a tour happen.

I will be posting new dates soon, in the meantime, please write my URL on the wall in the mens restroom (I am serious)

Houston: I am open to coming down there, it is y'alls turn on the rotation, but with the advertising issue I mentioned above, I'm open to it and I'll get my ads back up asap, but the hooker math has to add up on my end to make it happen. If you're interested in booking me in houston soon, please let me know, as I can make specific dates happen with a little luck, and as long as I have a chance to rent a car, 4 hours isn't too far for me to drive for a date of a certain length. (My truck has been spending a lot of time at the shop lately)

I'll get back to touring after SXSW, I'm already working on choosing dates, but nothing is set in stone yet.