I will be migrating to a new web host and newsletter provider sometime before September 2020.

I will make sure my urls continue to redirect, but I will need to make sure everyone is signed up for my newsletter just in case!! please do that ASAP!

Please make sure you use an email that will not get you in trouble!

Updated: Apr 18

This website is hosted by a company (wix) that does not allow the advertisement of meets, so I can't mention it in the emails that I send out, and technically, not on my webpages, either. The newsletters are proofread for content, so I have to be more careful there than here, but it feels a little like the walls are caving in.

OnlyFans is now my main source of income, covering all my basic needs, but they prohibit people who offer "meets" and "fuck a fan" contests, so I can no longer advertise those, or anything near it.

and we are all supposed to be social distancing anyway, so for the time being, if you'd like to meet, you'll have to handle it with a lot more tact than in the past.

Updated: Apr 18

[ this post is a rewrite, with some news and additional information! ]

If you're not familiar, OnlyFans is a website that is set up to have the flow of twitter, but allows content creators to charge their following a fee to follow them on the platform, or to use certain features. It is a platform for content that falls within their regulations, and they do not like performers who 'moonlight', so I no longer provide in person services. (the risk is no longer worth the reward.)

I'm not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time!

So my account could be deleted at any time, depending on what my fans say to me in messages, or if I get reported for doing that in the past, or get too much attention. Anything really! It's a regular job that I can be fired from. They even have a secret list of words that flag accounts for suspension automatically! So the answer is no, we can never meet.

If you choose to subscribe, please do not message me through the message feature for casual conversation, that way you won't accidentally slip up and talk about meeting. Please stick to the realm of fantasy. Mentioning meeting in any capacity is against the site rules, and I will be penalized for what you do, so please don't.

It does seem to be a sinking ship. The company is barely able to process payments, has stolen from models, and it's sudden extreme popularity will probably lead to it's downfall.

My advice?

Subscribe while you can!

I have two OnlyFans pages now!

My Main Page requires a monthly subscription, I post NSFW on the feed, and sell videos for extra $$ via the private message feature

It's $15 a month to subscribe and having that baseline of support from my fans no matter what I post means the world to me! It also means I can post whatever I want!

Right now you can pay the monthly fee and access 15+ videos and 425+ photos that I've already posted, and you'll always be he first to see when I record new content. I'm working up to daily posting!

It's my current plan to post nude or sexy photos to the feed 3+ times per week, and send out one video each week, but in the near future I hope to post nudes daily, and send out video every other day.


My Subscription Free Page does not require a monthly fee to subscribe, but due to strict TOS I'm still required to charge if I want to show any nudity at all in the feed or in the dms. All public posts are required to be Instagram safe!

This page is brand new, so I've only just started,


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