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Love in the time of Corona

I considered writing this as if the introduction to an apocalypse movie, but reality is always so much more  complicated.. isn't it. 

I already seem to have caught the virus, leaving the people I care about very vulnerable. I'm in quarantine now, but I'll be unable to see clients in person until this is all over and there's a vaccine.  There seems to be risk of getting it a second time, or being asymptomatic and passing it on without knowing.  (I'm showing symptoms, but have been unable to get a test).

I can't afford to go entirely without work at this time, but I can offer a variety of digital options to bring us all some relief while we're in tight quarters.

I use a lot of different websites, it can be hard to know which ones are for what, or what I'm doing on each one if you're not already familiar.

Using these sites as an intermediate is easier for me, but am able to accept direct payment with cashapp, or in cryptocurrency if that's more convenient.


When you reach out, please introduce yourself, tell me what sort of interaction you're looking for, and how you intend to pay. If you say less than this, I will ignore you.

Here's a few ways to get ahold of me,

Cash app | $OutlawBarbi

Public Snapchat | XXXENBY

Email | JessJordan@pm.me

KIK | texaswhorenado
Twitch | OutlawDove

If you choose to send me money via cashapp, please do not leave a note at all! I will keep track of what it is for without that. leaving a note could get me banned from the platform and I do not need that kind of drama, I am already banned from several other payment avenues.

There's a few extra ways to get in touch with me, keeping them paywalled means a better experience for all of us. for each of these, I'll allow you to choose how much you pay for these, but the minimum is $25.


Premium Snapchat*

Discord Username*

Discord Server

Private Phone Number

*Private Chats still require payment, but at a flat rate rather than by time

This is all a work in progress, I hope you'll be patient with me.


A chat and a wank if that's what you're into.

A beer and an argument if that's your thing.

15 min | $30

30 min | $60

45 min | $75

1 hour | $100

90 min | $120



Wanna chat all the time? non stop? see where it goes? fall in love?


Unlimited chat :

Weekly | $300

Monthly | $800

Unlimited Chat + Video :

Weekly | $500

Monthly | $1000

Mean Digi-Girlfriend

a little less than the other one because it's more authentic to who I really am, which means it's less work. I could easily charge more but sometimes I chirp too much.

Unlimited chat :

Weekly | $200

Monthly | $700

Unlimited Chat + Video :

Weekly | $400

Monthly | $900

Country girls make do?

What gets your motor running? I'm easy, a nicely paced conversation about common interests does it for me, and I think you'll find I'm quite the wordsmith when I get going. I used to be very into various role playing scenarios, though I don't get to flex that muscle as often anymore...




OnlyFans is precarious for me. They have a selection of banned words and ban models suspected of doing meet ups all the time, so at any moment, I could just be booted off the site for something as simple as mentioning meeting.

As a platform it is basically twitter with the built in ability for you to tip me or for me to charge.

This platform has an option for me to go live, but it does not work very well, I will be choosing a platform specifically for live shows.


I'm brand new to JFF but I've heard great things. you can even use it to text me!

Similar subscription model to onlyfans, but with many more features and much more security for me. It will become my main subscription site over time, I already prefer it despite being on onlyfans for over a year.

This platform has an option for me to go live, but it is still in beta testing, I will be choosing a platform specifically for live shows.


Currently this is just the quickest way to get added to my premium snapchat, but I do intend to start using the subscription thing in-site soon.

AVN Stars

This is extremely similar to onlyfans, but I am going to keep it a free page, and use it only occasionally, as a portfolio page more than a tool for me to earn- though I can still accept tip through it


Live Cam Shows

I'm currently trying to choose which site I want to use, or if I want to use more than one. When I figure it out I will definitely update this.

Clip Store

I have a clips4sale store but I need to finish setting it up and get a little better at naming my clips and describing them and so on. I'll probably set something else up soon.


I've been meaning to be online and available more often,  Mostly I'm not because I'm very indecisive about a few things, What do I want my listings to say? What do I want to talk about on the phone?! What gender do I choose? I'm a genderfluid nonbinary person, so I have two accounts, normally I wouldn't mention it because it's impossible to tell me apart from the cis women I also advertise alongside, but sometimes y'all click a link, see the word trans, and freak out. The options for listings are different based on whether I list myself as a cis woman or trans person, so I use both. I'm happy to talk to you about trans people if you're looking to learn. 


I have a variety of listings, from role playing to conversational.  

Phone Sex

When you make a call on niteflirt, it tells me which line you're calling so I know what to expect.

If you're blatantly rude or you disrespect me, I can easily hang up and block you, please do not make me do it from both of my accounts. it's boring ans a waste of my time.

this is honestly a draft, but if I don't put something, I'll never put anything.



If you choose to screen record me, please send me a copy. I don't particularly mind, but If you're going to reuse something that was meant to be a 1 time thing, you can at least let me do the same.


I still have to age verify y'all by checking ID's in essentially the same way as screening if you choose not to use one of the websites as an intermediate to remove the liability from me.


If I block you on something, please stop talking to me.

If I ask you to stop talking to me, listen.