• Howdy

    Do you ever find yourself wondering what happened to honky tonk angels?


    Where have they gone, what would you do if you found one?


    I imagine you crave the gentle intimacy, the temporary excitement in anticipation of getting lost in the moment.


    The memory etched into your mind.


    You aren't looking for fantasy as much as you're looking for a reality that exists when *you* need it.


    With me, you’ll always find refuge.


    See you soon



  • Stats



    Sexual Orientation | Horny

    Age | 27

    Make-Up | Usually None

    Eyes | Blue

    Measurements | 39 - 30 - 35

    Height | 5'11"

    Weight | 15o lbs

    Breast | 34 DDD

    Shoe | 9.5, 42

    Grooming | Trimmed, Unshaven. Seasonal.

    Tattoos | Chest, arms, ribs, hips, feet,

    Piercings | ears, lip, navel







  • About

    My greatest passion in life is my independence.


    I was born in Austin in the early 90's, I grew up around here.

    Shaped by the changes and the growth, and the legends of the rowdy outlaws that rambled through.. much like them, I'm always on the road again.


    Rowdy as the wind, I've never been one to follow the rules or walk the line.


    I’m an outlaw, a character in a tall tale, not unlike a modern day Calamity Jane.


    In my spare time, I'm often found in country bars with live music, or traveling around the world on a whim... country bars and good steakhouses are the first thing I look for in every city I visit.


    I'm equally at home losing myself in a book or one of my dozens of ongoing projects.

    My pastimes include songwriting, gardening, dancing, horseback riding, anti-racist action, photography, vintage fashion, reading, pillow talk, and adventurous road trips. I have 2 cats, a dog, and an orchid collection that is always expanding.

  • Temporary Rates

    These rates are subject to change at any moment, so book now if you like the rate you see.


    I have been keeping a strict 2 week distance between appointments, as well as being otherwise vigilant.
    You may have to book in advance to secure our time together.


    Rates valid for Austin.


    Add $100 to total for San Marcos, San Antonio and Waco,

    Add $200 to total for Dallas & Houston.




    One Hour | 400
    Two Hours | 500
    Four Hours | 800
    Eight Hours | 1000


    Two Hours | 1000
    Four Hours | 1400
    Eight Hours | 1800
    Overnight | 2000

    Fly Me To You

    Two Hours | 1200
    Four Hours | 1600
    Eight Hours | 1800
    Overnight | 2000
    50% Deposit Required
  • Distance Dating


    I only accept payment via cash app or in bitcoin, I am available on a range of apps.


    Want to have a drink together?


    One Hour | $50
    Two Hours | $75
    Day Rate | $150
    Weekly | $500

    Phone Calls

    One Hour | $120
    Two Hours | $200
    Day Rate | $800
    Weekly | $500

    Video Chats

    One Hour | $400
    Two Hours | $500
    Day Rate | $800
    Weekly | $750
  • Screening

    Screening is required within the first three messages exchanged.

    Sometimes a deposit is required before I will discuss specifics.


    Full Name:
    City of Residence:
    Date Of Birth:


    Choose between:
    Employer Info or Government ID
    These are not negotiable, exceptions are not made for anyone.


    To expedite screening include any of the following:


    - Recent Negative Covid Test
    - 2 references
    - 2 extra references
    - Social Media links
    - Board Handles


    For Couples: Wives/partners must screen with the applicable information, but I do not currently charge extra to see two people who live together.


    Cancellation: If you cancel a date, day-of, without paying for it or rescheduling, I'm unlikely to want to see you again. It makes me feel like you're not serious


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